I've Got News, 3

Tom and his wife Heidi

Tom and his wife Heidi

As we continue our series following Ellen, who got pregnant by surprise when the pill failed her in her senior year of college, we check in with her dad, Tom. In this episode, Tom comes to terms with becoming a 47-year-old grandpa, takes the father of his daughter’s baby for a man-to-man walk to turn off lights at two in the morning, and also offers some of the best parenting advice I have ever heard in my life. Hands down.

2 thoughts on “PODCAST #17: I’ve Got News 3

  1. Tom’s advice on not losing yourself as an individual in the midst of the early parenting is crucial and I wish I had known. Best wishes to all his family

  2. I agree that Tom’s advice is fantastic. My husband regularly encourages me to pursue my hobbies so I don’t lose myself. He is currently taking flight lessons as his own hobby.
    As a pastor and a mama, I was so thrilled to hear Tom’s pastor’s response. “The church” can sometimes mess it up and other times get it right… Glad that pastor got it right & can support Tom & Ellen etc in this time.

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