I've Got News, 4

Ellen a few days before delivery

Ellen a few days before delivery

Thirteen days before Ellen’s due date, I check in with her and the baby’s father, Tim. The imminently expectant parents reflect on the alternate reality they’d be living if it weren’t for “Bean,” and how to play the game of Being Awesome at Being Adult.

UPDATE: Between the time that I talked to Ellen and Tim and the airing of this episode, baby Bean was born! Fiona Jane came into the world on May 19th, weighing in at 8 lbs, 14 oz. Please join me in welcoming Ellen and Tim to The Club. I can’t wait to hear how things are going, and to continue to bring the story of their journey to LST. Stay tuned.

Fiona and her Dad

Fiona and her dad

Fiona and her grandpa

Fiona and her grandpa

2 thoughts on “PODCAST #18: I’ve Got News 4

  1. Loved listening to the last pod cast and got a kick out of Ellen and Tim’s mellow attitude regarding birth. I was crying doing the dishes just think about her a stranger to me giving birth and her experience ahead!!
    I had a surprise pregnancy too but I was 28 and married so no one thought the latter but I could totally relate to “playing” the game of awesome adults and feeling crazy on the inside.
    That was a real feel good episode. Thanks!

  2. I think about Ellen and Tim a lot and wish them well. I hope they know that everyone, no matter their age or family planning, is making it up as they go. I hope they can find a community of other parents to kvetch with and learn together. Don’t be afraid of us “oldies”–a lot of my parent friends are older than I and I have gotten a lot from observing their children go through stages and issues years before I have to confront them. It helps me have lots of time to process what’s coming down the road… And the perspective of how long each frustrating thing will last is very helpful.

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