Talk to Me + a Kids’ Sleep Expert on Brian Lehrer

Talk to Me + a Kids’ Sleep Expert on Brian Lehrer

clockyoursleep_squareOn Wednesday I am going on the Brian Lehrer show to talk about kids and sleep, as part of WNYC’s Sleep Project (which, if you’re not already clocking your sleep with their app, you should be!). I’ll have the chance to talk with a pediatric sleep expert about the mysterious and frustrating ways of the young sleeper. I know you’ve been dying to ask a sleep expert why your baby won’t nap for more than 10 minutes, or why your toddler wakes you up certain that his ear has fallen off. I hope you’ll consider calling in to ask those questions when they open the phone lines. Or leave a comment below about something you’re dying to know, and I might bring it up with the expert myself!

How to listen: 93.9 FM on WNYC or stream it live

Date: Wednesday, April 12

Time: The show runs live from 10-noon EST; my segment is scheduled for 10:50–11:25

Call-in #: 212–433-WNYC or tweet @brianlehrer

UPDATE: Listen to the segment below

3 thoughts on “Talk to Me + a Kids’ Sleep Expert on Brian Lehrer

  1. Hi — My 5 month old has recently started rolling over onto her stomach while sleeping. She always starts on her back and then flips over to her stomach. During naps, she ends up sleeping fine on her stomach. At night though, she wakes up so upset and unable to relax. If I go into flip her to her back, she just flips right back onto her stomach but is still upset. Calming her down again takes a very long time. I thought sleeping on their stomach was supposed to be more comfortable and once they could flip onto it they would sleep better. We’ve had the opposite happen. Would be great to know what is going on and what we can do!


    1. Laura, our daughter is just about to turn 6 months old and we’ve had the exact same experience! Luckily it was short-lived, and she now sleeps happily (and more soundly) on her tummy. I tried working with her during the day on her rolling, and getting her to practice in her crib as well. We also put her in a sleep sack so her legs wouldn’t get caught in the crib bars when she flipped. I think she just got used to it over time, and now she’s actually much happier during her daily tummy time (used to hate it). I think they are tired/disoriented in the middle of the night and can’t roll as easily. In our case it was just a phase and hopefully your daughter gets used to it — I’d say continue to “rescue” her for the time being and try getting her to practice more!

  2. Oops I now see that your comment was written several months ago… hopefully it’s at least helpful to someone else going through this phase.

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