The Accidental Gay Parents, 5


The Accidental Gay Parents, 5

Last time we heard from Trystan and Biff—from our very popular Accidental Gay Parents series—Trystan had, sadly, just had a miscarriage. But then Trystan emailed me in January with this picture:

Yep, he’s pregnant again! And this time it’s sticking. Trystan is due in July.

Tune in to hear what it’s like to be a pregnant man, and to share that news with your parents, your children, and the world. Of course, no Accidental Gay Parents installment would be complete without Trystan’s partner, Biff. We’ll hear how it’s all be going for him, too.

Trystan and Biff

Your Turn to Interview Trystan & Biff
These guys have been some of my favorite people to interview, and now *you* get a chance to ask them anything! We’ll be hosting a Facebook Live on our Facebook page in mid-June. Stay tuned there for the date.

In the meantime, follow Trystan and Biff’s progress on their Facebook page and check out the Q&As they’ve already posted.

More Accidental Gay Parents
If you missed the first four episodes of our series, check them out first!

What opinions did people express about YOUR pregnancy?
Trans or not, we get all sorts of unsolicited questions when we’re expecting. Tell us what you’ve heard. And also how you relate to Trystan and Biff’s story!

Photo of Trystan and Biff: Caitlin Lawson

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21 thoughts on “EPISODE #125: The Accidental Gay Parents, 5

  1. Hillary, Trystan, Biff: I have loved following your story. I cracked up when Biff described theirs as “sheltered @$$ children”. Trystan, you seriously do look great. That first photo in the super hero tank … !

    Hey, something that’s been on my mind: I’m a midwifery student and I think that job title is all wrong. “With wife” doesn’t really describe what I’m doing. What should this job be called? With-human feels way medial … with-parent kinda leaves out parents who’ll put their child up for adoption … help me out LST folks!

    Not to assume that you want a midwife delivery. I had one on an epidural and that was super, too. :p

  2. good morning, I just found out, or rather saw the pregnancy article; 1st of all: let me apologize for all of the ignorant phobic (homo, trans, etc. , weird humans out in our world), 2nd: I think its amazing and really neat that finally we get a real man to feel what us females have been blessed to enjoy: the bringing forth offspring’s human or animal; our nature is so great and created by a wise Creator, Whom we, sometimes put into a box without giving Him a chance to share His creation in whichever way He chooses, to let us know He is real. 3rd: congratulations, and thank you for sharing this neat story; and 4th n Last: I am so sorry your having to hide your pregnancy and the risk of having to keep safe, specially in the Northwest of our great nation which I recalled from living in Portland a decade +, to have been a very open minded place, or at least it seem that way. Again CONGRATULATIONS :)

  3. If a kid was to point and say look that man is pregnant! How would you want that parent to handle that and I you could explain to that child how would you?

    Im a very open person but I’m just not sure how to explain to my kids. My 8 yo knows women have eggs and a uterus and that is where a baby grows.. And boys have sperm. He doesnt know how the meet. l

    1. Hi Amanda – Thanks for posting with your question. We are actually planning a Facebook Live event with Trystan and Biff where you can submit questions in real time and they will answer on a video! It’s scheduled for Friday, June 16th at 2pm EST. Follow our Facebook page for more info – and a chance to ask your question directly! –Abigail, LST Producer

    2. Hi, Amanda!

      I’m a former bookseller, and I have a recommendation for you.

      What Makes a Baby by Cory Silverberg is a great book that explains the specific biological side of pregnancy and how all people are created by bypassing the usual, “When a mommy and daddy love each other very, very much…” trope, because not all babies come from a husband and wife coupling or even man and woman, not all kid’s are being raised by their biological parents, and not all kids are conceived from sexual intercourse. Every family has their own story of how they came together. I’ve found this book incredibly inclusive and it might be helpful for you starting that conversation with your kids.


  4. I have just loved the evolution of this story – I think I cried at every episode! Huge congratulations to Trystan and Biff – good luck with the arrival of your new baby! And thank you LST for following this story – can’t wait to hear more! Love to all!

  5. I saw a news article yesterday about Trystan & Biff and I thought, HEY! I KNOW THEM!! :) Thanks for letting us into a small snapshot of their lives.

  6. I absolutely LOVE this podcast, it’s my all time favorite.
    These episodes top my list. You guys-Tystan and Biff are like my own two best friends! You guys are really living the life. Not your typical family, but who wants “typical” when you never know how long you’ll be around. Keep up the awesome work of raising your family and hope you guys keep in the with Hillary and check in as the kids grow up and family and strong.
    Better yet, I think you should have your own podcast of your life and what you stand for.

  7. Hello,

    I just binge-listened to the first 4 episodes and am a few minutes into the 5th. The thought that keeps running through my head is how the word “accidental” in the title is so ironic being that these are two of the most deliberate, purposeful, and mindful parents I’ve ever heard speak. Thanks so much to Trystan, Biff, and Hillary for sharing this story. It is heartwarming!

    Love and best wishes,

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