I've Got News, 3

On Tom’s 47th birthday, his daughter Ellen drove home from college with her boyfriend to deliver the news: the pill had failed her. She was keeping the baby, dropping out of school, and moving home.

Ellen was a surprise baby

Ellen was a surprise baby

Two decades later, Ellen had a surprise baby of her own

Two decades later, Ellen had a surprise baby of her own

In this episode, you’ll hear grandpa’s side of the story. And what he said to the boyfriend when they walked through the dark house together at 2:00 in the morning.

Hear the rest of the “I’ve Got News” series!
I love talking to Tom—he’s so no bullshit. His daughter is that way, too. That’s why I did an entire series on them. So if you like this story, go back and listen to the other four stories in the “I’ve Got News” series:

I’ve Got News (a prequel to the series!)
Tom finds out his wife is pregnant while he’s at sea and just a few years later, to his surprise, becomes a stay-at-home dad.

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I’ve Got News, Too
That surprise baby grows up and has a surprise pregnancy of her own. In this episode, she talks about delivering the news to her parents.

I’ve Got News 3
Tom receives Ellen’s news. (This is the featured audio on this post.)

I’ve Got News 4
Two weeks before their due date, Ellen and her boyfriend reflect on the game of Being Awesome at Being Adult.

I’ve Got News 5
We conclude the “I’ve Got News” series with the birth of Ellen’s baby … and the project Tom took on to cope.

Did YOU have a surprise pregnancy? Or were you an oops baby?
Tell us all about it, and how it’s impacted your life. Down in the comments.

44 thoughts on “EPISODE #61: I’ve Got News 3

  1. I loved this series and listened to all the episodes back to back. I have had 3 friends who’ve had unexpected pregnancies in their early twenties, all at a different stages of academia and in different relationships, so in some ways I could relate to the story as I have seen friends have a similar experience. There are lots of ups and downs that come with an unexpected pregnancy, especially when you are so young and still in the midst of figuring out who you are and what you want your life to be but it sounds like it has been a positive life changing experience for Ellen so far. I truly hope for the best for Ellen and her family. Would love to hear an update in a year or so to see how things are going. Thanks for sharing this story!

  2. Two days before heading to the doctor’s office to get a pregnancy test, I was sitting in my colleagues office discussing the recent Time Magazine article “The Childfree Life.” My husband and I had gone back and forth about having children, and due to the amount of time we had been living just the two of us, we were starting to feel too set in our ways. When the doctor confirmed my suspicions, I have never been so shocked in my entire life. She kept asking if I was ok, and I just kept telling her, “I’ll be fine, I just have to leave.” I had even been on birth control, which explains my husband’s first question when I told him the news later that day, “How?!?” My son is now 16 months old, and I (of course) can’t imagine life without him and he has fit himself right into the perfect space in our lives.

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