The Accidental Gay Parents, 2


The Accidental Gay Parents, 2

Remember the “accidental gay parents” from episode 60? They’re back, and this time they’re officially adoptive parents.

The kids, Hailey and Riley, were given "adoption bears" at the hearing

The kids, Hailey and Riley, were given “adoption bears” at the hearing

Tune in for emotional tape from the adoption hearing, as well as John’s side of the story! (Hint: his perspective on his courtship with Trystan is waaaaay different. And includes a gifted dog bow.)

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Top photo: Jim Carroll

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58 thoughts on “EPISODE #62: The Accidental Gay Parents, 2

  1. I found your podcast a couple of months ago and caught up on most of the older episodes. This pair of shows touched me deeply and had me bawling during my commute. I just re-listened to both and am SO looking forward to hearing an update on these two wonderful men and the amazing family they’ve created. Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful show that examines the dark closets of parenthood that no one else does.

  2. Today was the first time I have ever listened to a podcast. I first listened to the interview with Terry Gross (which was also great) as it was recommended on a blog that I read called “A Cup of Joe.” But then I scrolled through the other episodes and I came across John and Tristan’s story. I was RIVETED. I am so amazed by these guys and their depth of love and selflessness for those children. What incredibly lucky kids to have such amazing parents. Way to go John and Tristan. Way to go. :)

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