The True History of a Child Chef & His Mom


The True History of a Child Chef & His Mom

This is Judah.


That picture is from when he was a contestant on MasterChef Junior. Judah didn’t win in the final rounds on the TV show, but still, at 12 years old, he’s a talented chef.


Those are his hands making dough.


And these are some recipes he loves to make: star scones and slow roast lamb.

Judah has a podcast called Chez Judah. On the show, he talks to pro chefs and he gives kids cooking tips like: “[Meat] is a good thing for kids to cook because it tests them in the kitchen and they can learn from their mistakes.” And: “Make sure you have an adult present because kids and hot oil do not mix!”


Judah is one of my favorite people I’ve ever interviewed. I love how his mind works. I love that he got into cooking for a reason that has nothing to do with taste. I love his accent.

Thing is, Judah would not be the overachieving chef he is today without his mom, Kara, and all the crazy hard things she went through during Judah’s childhood—and her own.


Tune in for an international story of love and heartbreak, Rastafarian mice and exotic cuts of beef. And find out why, despite all of Kara’s struggles when Judah was a baby, his pre-teen years have been the most challenging for her.

What’s been the hardest part of parenthood for YOU?
And what questions do your kids ask that stretch you to your limits? Comments, please!

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3 thoughts on “EPISODE #95: The True History of a Child Chef & His Mom

  1. I love this episode! My child is almost 2 and he is so interested in cooking. He loves to help and we let him help us. I was really worried at first, but we work with him to understand “hot” and “wait” and he learns so much from helping us. He knows when it is time to start dinner and he will go to his stool and insist on starting dinner. My favorite thing to make with him is French Toast. Yesterday he actually flipped the toast in the skillet on his own! Both my husband and I cook with him. It takes longer, but he loves it!
    Listening to this episode makes me want to continue encouraging him to learn to cook, as long as he continues showing interest. I believe there are may great lessons he can learn as he continues learning to cook.

  2. I’m so inspired by Kara’s attitude towards raising Judah–what Kara said about creating happiness for the two of them is so simple but so unusual to hear! It’s clear that Judah has grown up with a wonderful and curious attitude towards life. If Judah’s interested in big questions, he might enjoy the podcast radiolab. And there’s a great new podcast from Cambridge, MA about the science of food called Gastropod. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Kara!

  3. I love, love, LOVED this episode. Kara and Judah were so generous in sharing (especially Kara) their experiences with us. Like the commenter above, I was really touched/motivated by Kara’s recounting of putting her focus on making herself and Judah happy and how things sort of flowed from there. I love that concept… it IS unusual in this day and age, and it tremendously refreshing.

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