The Parents' Guide to Doing It with Esther Perel


The Parents' Guide to Doing It with Esther Perel

It’s time for another round of The Parents’ Guide to Doing It! This time, we brought in couples therapist Esther Perel to answer your questions about sex and parenthood.

Esther is the author of the popular book on eroticism in longterm relationships, Mating in Captivity.


She has also delivered two fascinating TED Talks. One’s called “The Secret to Desire in a Long-term Relationship.”

The other is called “Rethinking Infidelity … a Talk for Anyone Who Has Ever Loved.”

You can see why we thought Esther would be the perfect person to answer your questions about problems in the sack. Tune in to hear Esther’s take on keeping the fire alive, sex vs. co-sleeping, eroticism after trauma, and whether or not motherhood can awaken your inner lesbian. And if you can’t get enough sex advice, check out installments one and two of The Parents’ Guide to Doing It.

Here are a few of the resources mentioned in this episode:

S Factor is a fitness program inspired by strip-tease and pole dancing that helps women get in touch with their intimate side.

When Survivors Give Birth by Penny Simkin addresses the unique challenges women who’ve survived sexual trauma can face when they give birth.

Esther Perel offers online workshops with video and audio lectures, activities and more to help couples rekindle the flame and individuals find their passion. LST listeners can get 20% off these courses with the code LONGSHORT!

P.S. We recognize that the questions in this episode are all asked by straight married folks. That’s because those are the questions we received! So…

Help us mix it up. What’s YOUR parenthood-related sex issue?
Don’t be shy; anything goes. And we might use your question in our next sex advice show!

Top photo: John Ehbrecht

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23 thoughts on “EPISODE #96: The Parents’ Guide to Doing It with Esther Perel

  1. LOVED this episode!!!! Thank you! What Esther said makes sense to me on every level. I found her explanations and advise useful, realistic and doable. I really really really did not like the episode with Dan Savage and Jane Marie, I found myself arguing with them in my head and out loud and I found myself on a defensive. This episode was so on point. I’m going to recommend it to all of my mom friends. Thank you!

  2. I’ve liked many of the LST episodes, but this one is my favorite. I’ve had to listened to parts of it over, cause I really liked her advice. She really has made me think of sex on a different level than I have and I’m sort of excited to go home and try and out tonight. My husband for sure will be shocked that I seem interested. He tells me he misses me, and I’ve always answered that I’m right here, she made me think his statement means something totally different. Thank you for this.

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