Is Class
Over Yet?

l and s 2005For most of us lucky enough to be able to stop working and stay home with our babies, we wouldn’t have it any other way. But at the same time it can be really overwhelming … and then, after awhile, monotony sets in and we begin to wonder who we are other than food-dispensers, diaper-changers, and cleaner-uppers.

Liesl Gibson fought her boredom by designing and sewing clothes for her daughter, which led to starting her children’s clothing pattern company, Oliver + S. Before she was really ready, Liesl found that she’d put herself right back into a full-time job.

Cautionary tale or inspiration? You decide.

O+S quilt marketl and s

How did YOU fight the monotony of your early days with baby?
Tell us in the comments.

Top photo: Basil Rodericks

7 thoughts on “EPISODE #3: Is Class Over Yet?

  1. How convenient my 2 worlds collide (surviving early parent-hood and my love for sewing/Oliver + S).

    I started sewing too when I was pregnant and wish I had the gumption/creativity to stop what I do to sew all day and design. Alas my family needs medical insurance and we need to pay our mortgage. Responsibility sucks!

    Love the Blog/Podcast! Keep it comin’…

  2. I, too, had missed the sense of accomplishment, and when I mentioned that feeling to my father, he, who had never given birth, suggested that was the problem with today’s generation – they wanted instant gratification. I don’t think I wanted instant gratification, but some gratification before 18 years were up would have been nice.

    And, Hilary, I have felt that extreme anxiety and urgency, too, to figure out who I was. Thank you for sharing that. Somehow it does work out, but each person has to find her own way.

  3. This episode really resonated with me: missing accomplishing something, doing something, thinking of something other than my kids. Thinking about me. My youngest just started daycare full-time at 2.25 years old… and I am looking for freelance work. However, now that I have the time and the brain-space think about me for the first time in almost 5 years. I’m finding, I’m finding myself again. Inspired. Passionate. A little bit like I can take on the world. It’s so important to make the time for yourself. If you can do that, I feel like everything does fall into place. But doing it surrounded by your youngings 24/7 it nearly impossible. For me at least. Thanks for leaving me inspired.

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