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Tom Kecskemethy was at sea on his first major Navy deployment—a 24-year-old newlywed—when his wife Heidi told him all sing-songy over the phone, “I’ve got new-ews.” You see where this is going, yes? Tom didn’t. His mind was so far from children, he thought Heidi was going to tell him she’d bought a car. Today, 20 years later, Tom is an empty-nester with two daughters. In this episode we’ll hear what it was like for Tom to be away for most of his wife’s first pregnancy, to feel useless (and then empowered) during childbirth, and to eventually become an at-home dad.

23 months after Ellen came Jill

23 months after Ellen came Jill

The girls at 2 and 4 years old, when Tom was in the thick of at-home-dadness

The girls at 2 and 4 years old, when Tom was in the thick of at-home-dadness

Last year, before Jill's junior prom

Last year, before Jill’s junior prom

*Tom’s wife, Heidi, is a pediatric dietitian. Her reading recommendation for families experiencing nutrition and eating struggles—from birth through adolescence—is Ellyn Satter’s How to Get Your Kid to Eat . . . But Not Too Much. I am reading the book now and will post about it soon. Heidi is also an expert reviewer for the pediatric health site KidsHealth. She highly recommends checking out the site, which has all kinds of resources for parents AND kids AND healthcare providers.

3 thoughts on “EPISODE #12: I’ve Got News

  1. Thanks so much for this episode on a Dad! As a new Dad who is the primary caregiver (we call me “mommy #1” in our house) it was great to have an episode on that side of things. Keep the new episodes coming- love the podcast!!


    I so needed to hear this right now! I loved what Tom had to say and about the moments he’s not proud of. I have plenty of those.

    Keep up the great work!

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