Due Date Desert

Francesca came 8 weeks early. And was way, way smaller than most babies that early usually are. Her mom, Shannon, was told she’d probably never be able to breastfeed. But Francesca latched like a champ.


And then Shannon’s due date rolled around.

And she woke up. Dry.

Preemie Breastfeeding & Comfort Nursing Resources
Shannon found this article and this one helpful for breastfeeding a preemie in the NICU. She likes this one for info on “kangaroo care.” This one for increasing your milk supply. And this one for comfort nursing, or nursing after you’ve lost milk production.

What happened on YOUR due date?
Tell us in the comments.

11 thoughts on “EPISODE #24: Due Date Desert

  1. I teared up listening to Shannon’s story this morning. Thanks for sharing it. I’m struck by how there have been two episodes in a row in which women feel guilt or despair about the things inside their bodies that they can’t control. I think it’s a hard piece of the process for men to relate to, you know?

    1. Yeah, interesting, Katherine. I wonder if it’s hard for them to relate to because they don’t quite experience this body stuff themselves. But also (at least the good ones) they want so badly to make things right for us, and this part of it is so beyond their control. Men? Any feedback on this?

  2. So true, Katherine. Often during my pregnancy, my husband would say, “this isn’t your fault”. What he couldn’t understand was that I considered carrying this child the most important job I would ever have. My only task, in my mind, was to grow this little being and facilitate a safe entry into the world. I was doing neither, and it became easy to blame myself. For men, once the “deposit” is made, they have done all they can. For us, that process is only the beginning. Rationally, we know we can only control so much, but when the outcome isn’t what we hoped, it becomes all too easy to turn that negativity onto yours truly. Sad.

  3. NICU nurse here! we use a cue based feeding system in our unit and regularly have 32 weekers go to breast, most do great! however, many moms bodies, under that much stress, have a similar reaction as shannon’s and supply dwindles no matter what/ how hard they try. thanks for sharing your story. it will help others feel like they are not alone in this experience.

  4. What an inspiring story, I just loved hearing it. I hope this encourages other nicu mothers to speak up about nursing in the nicu. I find most doctors are getting more comfortable with it although I think mothers need that support to speak up and wanna do it because they often feel they will fail. We nicu nurses encourage it as much as possible and are often the mothers support system, I can only hope we hear more inspiring stories like this to help other mothers going through the same thing.

  5. Such an incredible story! We are so fragile and yet so resilient, I am sure this story will help encourage and give comfort to other mothers going through similar situations.

  6. Honest and inspirational!

    Thanks for sharing this amazing story of a new mom’s strength and love.

    Hope it helps other moms facing similar challenges.

  7. I think your story will bring others in a similar situation tremendous hope. I remember how nervous I was during my pregnancies , and mine was not all in the same realm of difficulty. But knowing that something is wrong and feeling powerless must have been scary and emotionally draining..
    Your story was truly amazing and moving . It shows how surprisingly strong little ones can be and what a great mom you are!

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