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4 thoughts on “Staff Favorites

  1. LOVE this podcast! But I’m sorry, I would rather have the scripted ads :( The way you’re doing them is a little bit annoying….it almost seems neverending and a little painful…BUT…the podcast is AMAZING! Keep up the good work there!

    1. I agree about the ads! I find them so much more disruptive and annoying than they were before. I really appreciate how much thought Hillary clearly puts into everything (including the new ads!) but I think the old ones were much better.

      1. Hi– LST producer here!

        Thanks for your feedback about the ads. I want to clarify that part of the changes you’re hearing have to do with the change in our network. We are no longer with a non-profit organization or public radio station, so the way our show funds itself has changed. But again, thanks for your input.

  2. Not a parent here, still in those years of figuring out my own life before bringing another creature into it– just wanted to drop in and say I love the podcast and can relate even though I’m not a parent myself. Do you have any episodes regarding step parenting?? I’m always curious to hear about this side of the parenting world as I’ve had step parents since I was 3.

    Keep up the great work!

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