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Your Weird Parenting Win!

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Your Weird Parenting Win!

The books don’t work, right?
Remember that time when you couldn’t get your kid to go to sleep or use the potty or stop freaking out? And then you went digging through your parenting books, and none of the answers worked? Oh yeah, was that every time?

Well, maybe there was also that time when nothing was working … and in your sleep-deprived despair, you tried something spontaneous and bizarre. And against all odds, it worked.

What’s YOUR #WeirdParentingWin? (Yeah, use it as a hashtag.)
We’re collecting these for an LST project. They can be on any topic, with any age kid. Tell us yours in the comments, and you could wind up on the show!

Here are some examples.
See those kids up above with the garbage bags tied around their necks? That was a stop-gap measure for twins throwing up at the airport. (Hear their story in episode 76.)

One mom wrote in and told us: “My husband found that if he made a loud, snorting sound like an obnoxious pig close to her head, she would instantly stop crying, at least for a moment. It seemed like a primal reflex: ‘I have to be quiet now because there is a big weird something right there.'”

And here are some of our faves from Twitter:

Tell us yours now! And ask you parents, too.
You might be surprised to hear what worked on YOU when you were a kid.

127 thoughts on “Tell Us Your Weird Parenting Win!

  1. Box-like hose caddy = our craft table. My toddler twins can be as messy as they like and when they’re done the hose is right there to clean up. The bonus is it has a rough texture so it takes less effort for them to draw on it in chalk.

  2. When my three boys were younger I had to get inventive about resourceful time.. When I would try to prepare lunch they wouldn’t leave me alone…I literally couldn’t move around the kitchen because they were all over the floor (ages 2.5yrs, 1.5 yrs and 6 months old). This was when I took the “always around Cheerios” and threw them all over the floor in another room. This sent my awkwardly moving, crawling, walking children to begin the taking up time of gathering and eating the cheerios. This gave them a snack and also bought me the time to get stuff done in the kitchen. Also it helped the ones learning to crawl have something to work for… Don’t judge, my floors were clean mind you…and if you would have been in my situation you would think I was brilliant. ;)

  3. We wanted to instill in our children the importance of saving money. From a very young age, they were asked on January 1, at the turn of a new year, how much money they had made during the past year (i.e. raking leaves, babysitting, doing chores, etc.). We matched each years’ total earnings by taking out Roth IRA’s for them for that year. When they graduated from college, we turned over their IRA’s to them. They each had around $20,000 and were on the way to regularly saving money.

  4. I realized early on that staying up on NYE until midnight was just too exhausting for me. My son was young but not so young that he didn’t understand the excitement of NYE and staying up until midnight. This was when I discovered that changing the clocks back 2 hours was genius. It was 10, he would think it was midnight. We would celebrate and go to bed at a decent hour. He would think he stayed up for the long haul. Then when he got older and started having kids sleep over, I did the clock thing again. All kids want is to say they stayed up super late at a sleepover. The kids would think it was super late, but really it was super early. They were tired and didn’t know the difference. It worked like a charm until the kids were old enough to know any different.

  5. I have found a way to “disarm” my 3 year old. She has these tickle spots on her shoulders so that if I just very gently grab her shoulders she freezes, laughs hysterically and then like a frozen plank of wood, lies down on the floor. The entertainment factor alone is awesome but it helps to break a tantrum or cranky funk.

  6. To help my son wind down at night I have him listen to the Meditation Podcast Mini by Chel Hamilton. He’s a sleep within 5 minutes. It works that well for me too!

  7. This is my BEST way to stop baby crying: sit on a birthing ball/ exercise ball and bounce! This worked for my 3 babies. I get one for every friend of mine who’s pregnant and they say it works. Obviously support bubba’s head!

  8. My son walked early & NEVER wanted to sit in his stroller after that (I called him my “runner”) After he ran away from me at the mall & was missing for 5 minutes, I bought a leash for him. It was the best $7 I ever spent! He could walk free & I didn’t have to worry about him sprinting off to explore! It made me a more relaxed mommy & made him happy. I got a lot of evil looks from passers by, but I was confident enough to know that it was the right thing for both of us! If you have a “runner” go get yourself a leash :)

  9. We turned our car’s hazard light button into an “eject” button! It worked like a charm to snap our young son out of any tantrum he was having during a car ride. His imagination took over & he would start imagining the sunroof opening up, his seat becoming airborne, & landing with a parachute on the sidewalk. It’s not our proudest moment as parents, but it snapped him out of it!

  10. My daughters are 2 and 3 (15 months apart) which has been challenging but they’re becoming best friends. We took one side off of each of their cribs (IKEA’s cribs turn into toddler beds) and put them together to make one big crib. Getting them to bed is so much easier now…sometimes I hear my oldest singing songs to her sister or just them giggling together. It’s so sweet!

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