The Longest Shortest Time

Doing It For, uh, Her

Back in the beginning, when things were really dark and I was living on an air mattress, there were little pockets of bliss when Sasha started flashing her “social smile.” I could get her to do it maybe 3 or 4 times in a row by smiling big at her and asking, “Do you have […]

Barista Kids Features Us

Barista Kids on the launch of The Longest Shortest Time. Excerpt below. Read the full article here.

EPISODE #2: When the Poop Is No Longer a Gift

A newborn turns blue, is rushed to the NICU, and his parents deal with going home while the baby remains in the hospital, hooked up to machines.

She’s Zero!

There’s a group of little girls who live in our building and the surrounding houses that play in the driveway we all share. I call them the Blacktop Gang. Sometimes there are days when the only people I talk to aside from Sasha, my baby, are girls from the Blacktop Gang. The things they tell […]

Vulnerability and Other Lessons

There’s lots of not-so-helpful stuff out there about childbirth and early parenthood. But this quote from Harriet Lerner nails it.