The Longest Shortest Time

Not Even a Little Muffin Top?

It always irks me when entertainment magazines and blogs marvel at celebrities’ ability to lose weight soon after giving birth. What kind of craziness did Celine Dion have to put her body through to look like that for the Oscars? Penelope Cruz at least had the mama boobs and seemed to be hiding something with […]

The Perfect Latch

Sasha turned one yesterday. It made me think all kinds of things, but lately I’ve especially been thinking about nursing. How I told myself I was going to stop at twelve months. And now here we are. Twelve months. But I feel like we’ve just recently gotten the hang of this breastfeeding thing. Am I […]

There’s a Head Sticking Out of My Best Friend

Crawling: A Father’s First Year I picked it up at the library and immediately knew I’d love it. Here’s how it starts: There’s a head sticking out of my best friend. This is insane. Anybody who says this moment is the most precious wonderful thing in the world is delusional. This isn’t a miracle, it’s […]

EPISODE #4: Don’t Make Me Be Your Miracle

After having her first child, a woman experiences heart failure and is told she has less than a 50 percent chance of surviving another pregnancy. Through a surrogate, she finally gets her “miracle” baby and is surprised to discover he’s just a regular old baby.

When I Say Childbirth, You Say . . .

On the first day of our natural childbirth class, our teacher, Michelle, asked us to go around the room and say the first word that came to our heads when she said “childbirth.” We began with a skinny goateed guy who paused for effect before saying, “Miracle.” That’s where we started. Miracle. How can you […]

EPISODE #3: Is Class Over Yet?

A woman leaves her dream job to stay home with her baby, and then, out of boredom, starts sewing and unwittingly creates a new full-time job for herself.