The Longest Shortest Time

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Yesterday I interviewed Kate Bowman-Johnston, who recently wrote an article on LST for Catapult magazine. In the article she mentions a song from her childbirth mix that made her cry often after her daughter Adelle was born. It reminded me of the mix that I’d made for Sasha’s arrival. Before things went awry, I got […]

Help LST Continue!

Are you a mom who has found solace in the stories on this blog and podcast? Would you like to hear more? I am in the process of writing some proposals to try to make sure I can keep this project going on a regular basis. Any support you can show will help—become a Facebook […]

EPISODE #8: Would’ve Been the Mean Mommy

An unexpected tragedy turns a mean mommy into a laid back one.

Garlic Peel and Coffee Grounds

In music class and at the pool the mothers of the most rambunctious kids always say to me, “Sasha seems so easy. Is she easy?” It’s a tough question to answer because I sort of don’t believe that taking care of any young child is easy (though lots of moms tell me that it is […]

Catapult Features Us

Listener Kate Bowman-Johnston recently interviewed me for the online magazine Catapult. I could tell from her questions that she totally got LST. And her article showed me that I was right. Read about Kate’s longest shortest time here. It involves Sitz baths and crying in the bathroom. And a song to help you get through […]