The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #15: What YOU Expect When You’re Expecting

A pregnant woman talks about the expectations of childbirth and early motherhood, and confronts her fears over giving birth to a boy.

We Can’t Stop: What Are You Talking About? Edition

Sasha’s latest favorite thing to say is, “What are you talking about?” Whenever I’m talking to another grownup she’ll interrupt us with the question as soon as she’s lost (usually pretty immediately). There are variations, too: What are you saying? What are you doing? What is that? What is HE saying? I often find myself […]

We Can’t Stop: Escape Artist Edition

You may remember, the last time I talked about sleep, we were dealing with the complications of removing the side from Sasha’s crib and her realization that this meant she could get out of her room . . . as often as she’d like. After processing what was going on through drawings, things settled down […]