The Longest Shortest Time

Drawing Obsession: Death

She finally asks me the question I have been dreading most.

WELCOME Cards Are Here!

Our “Welcome” greeting card rewards are here! If you ordered these, you are in for a treat.

Drawing Obsession: Spaghetti in Windows

Her obsession with H’s, and what they have become. What does YOUR kid draw obsessively?

We Can’t Stop: Holiday Edition 2013

What we play with together; what she plays with on her own. And how they are often the same things.

Breaking Toddler Logic Loops

Sasha has reached an age where she can request her own playdates. It’ll go down like this: She’ll ask to play with a certain kid, usually a girl. She’ll be nearly hyperventilating with excitement to see that kid. And then she and the kid will spend almost the entire time arguing. Arguing over what blanket […]

Books: How to Build a Baby

On Wednesday I told you about how a baby is built. There are books that will teach you about that. Like I said, Sasha was not ready for books like these. But I had a whole stack of them sitting by my desk for at least a month, and I developed some favorites. Cory Silverberg’s […]

How to Build a Baby

Something that has terrified me ever since Sasha turned three is the idea that she is now capable of forming memories that will stick. She doesn’t remember breaking her leg; she doesn’t remember the neighbors she used to play with every single day when she was one and two . . . and zero. But […]

Happily Ever After; The End.

Pretty soon after Sasha turned three, it dawned on her: she could say no to naps. No more dutifully climbing into bed, listening to music, and passing out for, oh, three hours. Thing is, when Sasha is not sleeping she is constantly moving. And it seems to me that every motion she makes is an […]