The Longest Shortest Time

Drawing Obsession: Covering Up

I attempt to uncover her covering up.

Jumping In

About a month ago another mom and I signed our daughters up for kid-only swim classes, which you can start taking at our Y once you turn three. Sasha and her pal turned three just two days apart, and they had both been in the same mommy & me class for awhile. They were also […]

The Power of Three

Sasha turned three last week—three!—and while one and two felt like a big deal because they were new numbers, three has meant something entirely different. It has meant growing up. To Sasha. A ton of huge things happened the week three hit. First dentist appointment, first swimming lesson without Mom. But let us begin with […]

EPISODE #17: I’ve Got News 3

We continue our series following a young pregnant woman, this time with grandpa’s perspective.

This Record Has a Movie?!

One of the things that has made me most excited about having a child is the idea that I will have a lifetime of being able to share some of my favorites things with her: books, movies, music. Like dating someone new. Sasha turned three this week, and she is finally hitting an age where […]