The Longest Shortest Time

The Song You Made Up

*NOTE: Please read this one to the end, where I make my first ever request for YOUR audio! —HF ***** For awhile there, Sasha did nothing but scream when she was with me. If other people were around, she would giggle and play tag and show off her (yikes!) tricks on the monkey bars. And […]

We Can’t Stop: Manners Edition

Recently Sasha has been stuck on one book, one song, and one video. So I figured it was time for another We Can’t Stop post. Because we literally can’t stop. The Book Many of you may be familiar with James Marshall’s George and Martha, the lovable hippos with a loyal and realistically complex friendship. One […]

In Andromeda

This is probably going to be a controversial topic with LST-ers, but for any of you who have ever felt betrayed by the natural/home birth movement, you must, must, must read Brenda Shaughnessy’s poem “Our Andromeda” from her book of the same title. I talked in episode 4 about feeling like I had failed at […]

EPISODE #18: I’ve Got News 4

Two weeks before their due date, Ellen and Tim reflect on the game of Being Awesome at Being Adult.