The Longest Shortest Time

Why I Chose Season 2’s Sponsors

So far, the Longest Shortest Time has been a pretty solitary endeavor. I mean, aside from talking to all of you, which is why I do this in the first place. Thanks to your enthusiasm, this show has reached about 100,000 listeners, mostly by word-of-mouth. Which is hard for me to even believe. The thing […]

The Anatomy of *spark*cards

For two weeks now, I’ve been sending out a new batch of *spark*cards almost every day. People have been ordering them from all over the country, and in Canada, the UK, and New Zealand, too! I have been amazed by the variety of uses people are finding for these cards—playgroups, book clubs, church groups, a […]

You’re Crafty; Reward Yourself

By now you may have already checked out our Kickstarter page, with all of the fun rewards I have concocted especially with *you* in mind. Let us take a moment to look more closely at one of those rewards, donated by the talented and entrepreneurial Liesl Gibson. In Episode 3, you learned about how Liesl’s […]

KICKSTART Longest Shortest Into Season 2

You’ve been asking for Longest Shortest to be more frequent; now’s your chance to make it so.

*spark*cards are here!

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