The Longest Shortest Time

How to Build a Baby

Something that has terrified me ever since Sasha turned three is the idea that she is now capable of forming memories that will stick. She doesn’t remember breaking her leg; she doesn’t remember the neighbors she used to play with every single day when she was one and two . . . and zero. But […]

Happily Ever After; The End.

Pretty soon after Sasha turned three, it dawned on her: she could say no to naps. No more dutifully climbing into bed, listening to music, and passing out for, oh, three hours. Thing is, when Sasha is not sleeping she is constantly moving. And it seems to me that every motion she makes is an […]

We Did It!

I reveal my BIG plans post-Kickstarter. And Alex Blumberg weighs in as my dancing monkey.

ABC News Features Us

I tell ABC News why I started the Longest Shortest Time, and why I think new parents need it. Excerpt below. Click here to see the full story, and what Joyce thought of the episode we did about her daughter going naked for a month.

DailyCandy Kids Features Us

A very pregnant Jasmine Moir of DailyCandy Kids interviews me about our nonjudgy tone, and what we plan to do with Season 2. Excerpt below. For the full interview, click here.