The Longest Shortest Time

Must-Reads: For the Mom Who Wants Her Sex Life Back

A postpartum sex educator gives us her top reads for moms who are ready to get it on again.

Get a Sneak Peek at Our Sex Series on The Takeaway!

The Takeaway’s Awra Gunja and Kristen Meinzer talk to Hillary about why we’re doing a Sex & Parenthood series, and why parents shouldn’t give up on getting it on.

EPISODE #48: The Parents’ Guide to Doing It

We kick off our three-part Sex & Parenthood series with some NSFW advice from Dan Savage and Jane Marie. People without kids: you can learn things from this too!

Sex & Parenthood Series!

Get your drive back. Heal your childbirth injury. Talk to your kids about the birds and the bees. Plus, robot babies. All in our Sex & Parenthood series. Check it out here!

My, How We’ve Grown!

Have you heard? The Longest Shortest Time now covers ALL stages of parenthood. Send us your stories!

Dame Asks If LST Can End the “Mommy Wars”

Dame calls Hillary the leader of the non-judmental motherhood movement! And asks if our podcast has the power to end the “Mommy Wars.”

First Chapter Books for Preschoolers

Bored of the same old picture books? Try a chapter book that won’t go over your preschooler’s head!

Etiquette for the Childless Friend

People with kids and people without can’t seem to stay friends very easily. Ask Moxie’s Magda Pecsenye has some advice for keeping your bonds strong.