The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #53: When Are You Gonna Be Normal Again?

Melinda was always anxious. When she had kids, she became even more anxious. But she kept it secret from everyone, afraid she’d destroy her image as a “model minority.”

EPISODE #38: Pediatricians, They’re Just Like Us

Pediatrician Jessica Franklin figured she had a handle on newborns. But then she had a baby and wound up feeling like the “worst, most educated rookie ever.”

EPISODE #35: Picturing Her

When Giancarlo Roma was four years old, his sister Mary died the day she was born—an experience that he says trained him to write a book from the perspective of an elderly woman.

EPISODE #29: The Shortest Day

Poet Arielle Greenberg’s son Day dies 31 weeks into her pregnancy. At which point, she makes a whole bunch of choices that not many women would make, so she can emerge from stillbirth not completely broken. And . . . it works. Part 3 of a three-part series on natural birth.

EPISODE #23: The Longest Longest Time

Lisa’s longest shortest time lasted 11 years. And it all went down before she even had a baby.

EPISODE #4: Don’t Make Me Be Your Miracle

After having her first child, a woman experiences heart failure and is told she has less than a 50 percent chance of surviving another pregnancy. Through a surrogate, she finally gets her “miracle” baby and is surprised to discover he’s just a regular old baby.