The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #100: Is 100 That Exciting?

Yay, we’re 100! Well, not really. But we have put out 100 episodes. To celebrate, producer Abigail Keel sought out some 100-year-olds to give us advice on longevity.

Here’s Abigail with her grandma, aka Oma. Oma is 94—not quite 100—but she has some thoughts about living for a long time that don’t bode well for me, including making sure you eat breakfast every day.


Sylvia Weiss is 104! She recommends doing everything in moderation.


The guy in the middle there is Ellis Hart. Here he is at his 100th birthday party. Ellis’s advice, in two simple words: Don’t die.


And then there’s Rosalie Williams. Here’s Rosalie at ages 35 and 99. Now she’s 100. And she wants to know, What’s so exciting about being 100?



Abigail found out from talking to these folks that advice is actually the least interesting thing you can hear from someone who’s lived for a century. Tune in to hear her her in-depth conversations with Rosalie and another 100-year-old named Rose (left, with 4 generations of family!) about growing up, giving birth, and raising kids over the last ten decades.

Thanks to all of our listeners who connected us with centenarians!

Tell us about the aging people in YOUR life!
Or are you absolutely terrified of getting old, like me? Spill.

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