The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #154: Let’s Get Unladylike

Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin have been proudly saying the word “vagina” into microphones for almost a decade now. On their podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You, they’d nerd out about feminist topics—tackling everything from saggy boobs to social work; hymens to Anita Hill; yeast infections to black feminist pioneers… and breast-aurants. Y’know, girl stuff. You might remember them from our show, too—we did an episode with them a couple years back about C-Sections.

Now, Caroline and Cristen have a brand new podcast! It’s called Unladylike.

Cristen and Caroline are expecting… [you to listen to their new podcast!]

Even their logo is one big “Eff you” to the patriarchy

This season they’ve been talking about a few feminist issues that are RIGHT up our alley. So we decided to spend some time with these smart, funny ladies.

Tune in as we talk abortion, nannies, and counting your eggs before they’re… inseminated. Plus, how to speak up, vocal fry and all.

You can subscribe to Unladylike right here. (We’re a little bit obsessed with this show and we think you will be too.)

The National Network of Abortion Funds connects women who need an abortion with grants and other financial assistance. You can also support women seeking abortions.

Hand in Hand has guidelines on how not to be a sucky employer to the people who work in your home.

If you’re a care worker, The National Domestic Workers Alliance offers benefits, community, training, and tools to help you advocate for yourself.

Photos: Lizzie Johnston

**Correction: In the episode, we introduced Allison Julien as a domestic worker – but she no longer nannies. She’s now a professional organizer for We Dream in Black and the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

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