The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #21: The Numbers

These are my friends Jamie and Kirsten.


Their baby, Jack, was born almost a month early.

Kirsten has taught me that having a baby can make you behave like a person who is not you—who is the *opposite* of you. For her, that meant suddenly and unexpectedly taking on her husband Jamie’s personality. And becoming mind-numbingly obsessed with numbers. To the decimal point.

This is the antique scale that set the whole ordeal in motion.


In this episode, the woman who gave me the title The Longest Shortest Time talks about her own longest shortest time.

Playlist & Giveaway
Check out our Mamas Need Lullabies Too playlist! The first five tracks come from a mix Kirsten made for me after my daughter was born. You can win a free download of this playlist, plus a crazy amazing collection of my favorite unglamorous-but-necessary items for early motherhood, by entering our giveaway—a collaboration with A Little Bundle.

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What did YOU become obsessed with after baby?
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