The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #78: Lauren Lapkus Answers Kids’ Unanswerable Questions

Maybe you know Lauren Lapkus as the nice prison guard from Orange Is the New Black. Or the sketch comedy series The Characters. Or her awesome podcast With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus.

Back before Lauren was a comedian and actor, she had a long career as a babysitter. And before that, of course, she was a kid. Here’s what she looked like.


And here’s one of her many childhood collections—pristinely preserved soaps.


In this episode, Lauren talks about her own idiosyncrasies as a kid. And she uses her improv skills to answers YOUR kids’ questions about how the world works. Plus, I explain why my mom made me this sign.


What absurd questions do YOUR kids ask?
Tell us, and we may use it on our next Unanswerable Questions show! (Also seeking more answers to Darth Vader’s Hebrew name.)

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