The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #91: I Ate My Placenta for My Best Friend

UPDATE 7.17.17:
The CDC recently published a case study where a newborn baby’s infection was linked to the mother’s consumption of placenta pills.

Lori and Elizabeth are as best-friendy as you get.


That’s them in high school and college. They even have best-friend tattoos.


Elizabeth, the shorter of the two, has always been crunchier than Lori. For example, Elizabeth’s vegan; Lori likes steak. But their differences never made them judge each other. Until they became parents.


Things got especially tense when placenta pills entered the picture. Tune in to this episode, to hear about the lengths some of us will go to, to keep our friends and our sanity. And listen to episode 90 to find out WTF placenta pills are, anyway.

If you liked this episode – our friends at the new Gimlet Media show, Science Vs, have just published a story about attachment parenting.

Resources for Postpartum Depression
Postpartum Progress is a great resource for women with postpartum depression and anxiety, and they have a really helpful list of symptoms for both.

Postpartum Support International provides support for all kinds of moms, including military moms, incarcerated moms, and grieving moms. They even have this map that will help you locate local support for PPD.

Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts by Karen Klieman and Amy Wenzel is a book with info on postpartum anxiety for both moms and therapists.

The Worry Box Project is a really cool interactive website where you can read other moms’ worries and submit your own. It probably accomplishes the same kind of voyeuristic healing that Megan got from spying on her neighbor. Except without the spying.

Did we miss your favorite? Add it in the comments.

Have you parented differently from YOUR friend?
How so and what helped? Do tell.

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