The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #92: LST Presents Father Time

Oh, man. When I was in middle school, Richard Marx was there for me. I’d pop my Repeat Offender cassette into my walkman and … ahh, prepubescent angst gone. At least temporarily.

In honor of my middle school rockstar crush, we bring you a special episode of the Howl series Father Time with Jamie Kaler, featuring Jamie’s interview with Richard Marx and his 23-year-old son Luke. That’s them below.


Jamie Kaler is an actor and stand up comedian—you might remember him from My Boys,  Friends and How I Met Your Mother. Up till recently, Jamie was living a bachelor lifestyle. Then he turned 50 and found himself with two children under the age of two. So he wanted to talk to other dads about being a dad. And that’s what he does on Father Time.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Father Time. And we’ll return with new episodes next week, starting with my conversation with new mom Anna Sale from Death, Sex & Money.

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Who was YOUR middle school rockstar crush?
And would they have been as good of a son as Richard Marx? Tell all!

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