The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #55: The Emperor’s New Onesie

Parents and children are notorious for fighting about clothing. In this episode, you tell us some of your unforgettable clothing fights with your parents. (Hint: There is one from my husband involving Michael Jackson’s signature in rhinestones.)

Plus, one toddler takes her clothing fight epic.

Violet in the dreaded Pink Dress

Violet in the dreaded Pink Dress

Listen to this episode to find out how common sensory issues led young Violet to wear a single pink dress for months on end. And, eventually, nothing at all.

This story is also a video!
We were so lucky to get a grant from the Knight Foundation to produce a video of this episode. It’s an animation with illustrations by one of my favorite children’s book (and grownup!) illustrators Jen Corace. Video producer Joe Posner brought Jen’s drawings to life. Thanks to my colleague Rekha Murthy for deciding to give the grant money to this podcast, back when I barely ever produced it.

Anyway. After you listen to the show, watch Jen’s gorgeous interpretation of it below!

These days, Violet wears clothes. Here she is at age five (left) with her mom Joyce, and now at age nine (right).


Think your child might be showing signs of Sensory Processing Disorder?
Joyce recommends checking out the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation. And she wishes she’d found the clothing company Soft earlier.

What clothing fights have you had with YOUR kids or parents?
Give us the goods. And be specific! We wanna be able to picture the duds. And if you or your child has SPD, tell us what’s helped you.

Illustration: Jen Corace

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