The Longest Shortest Time

Talking to Kids About the Birds and the Bees

Worried about how to have ‘the talk’ with your kids? Here’s our fave books and websites for getting the conversation going.

Picture Books: To Help Kids Understand Death

Picture book reccos from Sarah Troop, who answered kids’ questions about death in episode 65.

Books: For Having Fun Eating with Kids

Dan Pashman from The Sporkful tells us his five favorite books to make eating with your kids more FUN.

Books: For Kids (of All Ages) Featuring Characters of Color

A starter reading list to help kids sort out mixed ethnicity, and to relate to the diverse kids around them.

Books: For Kids (Of All Ages) Coping with Anxiety

Fiction + nonfiction to help pre-schoolers through teens stop worrying (so much).

Books: For Talking the Birds & the Bees with Your Kid

Dreading “the talk”? Here are some age-appropriate reads for pre-schoolers through high-schoolers. Plus, a few picks for you.

First Chapter Books for Preschoolers

Bored of the same old picture books? Try a chapter book that won’t go over your preschooler’s head!

Books: How to Build a Baby

On Wednesday I told you about how a baby is built. There are books that will teach you about that. Like I said, Sasha was not ready for books like these. But I had a whole stack of them sitting by my desk for at least a month, and I developed some favorites. Cory Silverberg’s […]