The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #110: Risky Birth-ness

When you give birth by cesarean, doctors are required to warn you of the risks. But not so with vaginal delivery. Hillary interviews Kiera Butler about her recent article in Mother Jones on the risks of vaginal birth and why we should be talking about them more.

EPISODE #93: Anna Sale on Becoming a Mom

Death, Sex & Money host Anna Sale on her parents, her baby, a trampoline, and potato chips.

EPISODE #76: Kicking Ass While Pregnant

When Marvel asked Dennis Hopeless to create a new story for Spider-Woman, he knew he wanted her to be pregnant. In this episode, he explains why. And we hear from his wife Jessie, the real-life superhero behind Spider-Woman.

EPISODE #72: Stuff Mom Never Told You About C-Sections

The fab research geeks at Stuff Mom Never Told You unpack the history of the cesarean. Plus, listeners share their wildly conflicting feelings over the procedure.

EPISODE #71: A Childless Man Gets a C-Section

Can a fake c-section have real emotional impact? Plus, a simple change in the procedure that erases one mom’s C-section guilt.

EPISODE #27: Rewriting Your Birth Story

Join me as I attempt to rewrite my traumatic birth story, four years after the fact. Part 1 of a three-part series on natural birth.

EPISODE #24: Due Date Desert

A mom breastfeeds her preemie against all odds. Then she wakes up on her due date. Dry.

EPISODE #10: My Newborn, the A**hole

My friend Kristin and I reminisce over our frequent angsty phone calls after our daughters were born. And she reveals something to me she’s never told me before.