The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #38: Pediatricians, They’re Just Like Us

Pediatrician Jessica Franklin figured she had a handle on newborns. But then she had a baby and wound up feeling like the “worst, most educated rookie ever.”

EPISODE #27: Rewriting Your Birth Story

Join me as I attempt to rewrite my traumatic birth story, four years after the fact. Part 1 of a three-part series on natural birth.

The Song You Made Up

*NOTE: Please read this one to the end, where I make my first ever request for YOUR audio! —HF ***** For awhile there, Sasha did nothing but scream when she was with me. If other people were around, she would giggle and play tag and show off her (yikes!) tricks on the monkey bars. And […]

Necessary & Sufficient on Longest & Shortest

The tables have been turned. The very thoughtful Evan Forman, a new dad, asks me the questions on his podcast Necessary & Sufficient. The conceit of Evan’s show is, he sends his guests two words in a manila envelope—which you are not allowed to open until he is recording. Not surprisingly, my words were: I […]

Heal Pelvic Pain (Without Surgery!)

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a pretty private person, and that as much as I share on this blog there is plenty about early motherhood that I keep to myself. Because so many people seem to genuinely find solace in the experiences and resources I post here, I’m going to share one of those things […]

EPISODE #7: Nurse, Get the Handcuffs

Thirty-four years after having me, my mom breaks down for the first time over not being able to breastfeed me.

The Longest Shortest Time

Nine months ago, during the last storm of the snowiest winter in Philadelphia history, my stomach began to gurgle loudly like a draining bathtub. It took about an hour to realize what this meant: my daughter finally wanted out.