The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #110: Risky Birth-ness

When you give birth by cesarean, doctors are required to warn you of the risks. But not so with vaginal delivery. Hillary interviews Kiera Butler about her recent article in Mother Jones on the risks of vaginal birth and why we should be talking about them more.

Watching Other Kids Get Injured

Sasha watches a kid knock her tooth out at the same playground where she broke her leg. And like last time, she draws about it.

In Andromeda

This is probably going to be a controversial topic with LST-ers, but for any of you who have ever felt betrayed by the natural/home birth movement, you must, must, must read Brenda Shaughnessy’s poem “Our Andromeda” from her book of the same title. I talked in episode 4 about feeling like I had failed at […]


Yesterday my mom brought over a journal she kept for the first couple years of my life. Odd similarities between me and Sasha. And some very different things (see diet).

The Saw

If you’ve been reading this blog for the last couple months, you know all about how nobody in our family slept for weeks after Sasha broke her leg. Some of you offered theories about how my own anxiety might be contributing to Sasha’s inability to sleep, or how having another person putting her to bed […]

Leg Book: The Conclusion

As promised, here is a look at the final pages of the book Sasha and I made about her broken leg and the lengthy healing process. If you are new to the blog, here are posts to the beginning and middle. As you can see, Sasha grew less interested in drawing in the book after […]

Emotions as Words

Back when I first posted about the book Sasha and I were creating to help process her broken leg, I got a comment from my friend Margaret recommending that we read the “I Feel” books by Marcia Leonard. These tiny board books are not in print anymore, but you can find them easily through sellers […]

Leg Book: Part 3

Yesterday morning, while standing in the kitchen scarfing down cereal and wondering if Sasha understood what was about to happen, she picked up my cell phone and dialed what she must’ve imagined to be my brother’s number. “He-yo, Uncle Josh,” she said, holding the phone to her ear. “Cast come off. Okay, bye.” Guess she […]