The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #145: It’s A Real Mother, Part 4: Leave

Lots of American moms desperately need access to paid parental leave, and can’t get it. Meanwhile, lots of dads can — and don’t use it. We look at one surprising approach to closing that gap. (Hint: velour track suits.)

EPISODE #123: The Weird History of Judgy Parenting

Nicholas Day wanted to know why he felt like a failure when he gave his kid a pacifier. The answer took him down a rabbit hole into the bizarre, hilarious, and strangely relatable history of parenting babies.

Dame Asks If LST Can End the “Mommy Wars”

Dame calls Hillary the leader of the non-judmental motherhood movement! And asks if our podcast has the power to end the “Mommy Wars.”

We’re in Mutha!

Check out Meg Lemke’s interview in Mutha with Hillary on why she started LST, parental judging, and our natural birth series.

Leonard Lopate Talks Mom Bragging with Me & Kate

Kate from episodes 31 and 11 joins me on WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show to talk about how to improve inter-parent communication.

EPISODE #31: How to Brag to Your Mom Friends

Is it possible to share your parenting triumphs with other moms, or is it only okay to bitch?

EPISODE #11: Nap Boot Camp

An exasperated mom decides that her daughter WILL nap in her crib by the end of the week.