The Longest Shortest Time

Lullaby from a Couple Freaked Out by Parenthood

A childless couple, who is actually kinda freaked out about their friends having babies, write a lullaby.

(Realistic) Songs About Babies

We all know the sweet songs about babies. Here are some about what being a new parent (and baby) is really like.

Music to Soothe the Birth Coach

Caitlin’s wife is the one carrying the baby; but Caitlin needs some songs to soothe her in the birth room, too!

Rap That Won’t Corrupt Your Kid

Rap scholar Mickey Hess shares his (pretty much) safe-for-kids hip-hop playlist.

Roll, Baby. Roll!

Motivational songs to get your baby rollin’.

Favorite Songs from an Indie Rocker’s 3-Year-Old

Indie rocker Claudia Gonson thought her kid would be into indie rock. Little did she know, she’d be the one getting into kids’ music.

Baby Talk for Grown-ups

Doo-doo and nah-nah songs at your level.

When You’ve Got the Booties But No Feet to Fill ‘Em

Songs that have helped moms through miscarriage and infertility.