The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #79: Terry Gross on Not Having Kids

Public radio icon Terry Gross talks about why she chose to never have children. And her recurring nightmare about a baby.

Necessary & Sufficient on Longest & Shortest

The tables have been turned. The very thoughtful Evan Forman, a new dad, asks me the questions on his podcast Necessary & Sufficient. The conceit of Evan’s show is, he sends his guests two words in a manila envelope—which you are not allowed to open until he is recording. Not surprisingly, my words were: I […]

LST Joins Stitcher

Fridays have become our We Can’t Stop Reading days but there’s not much to report this week. It’s been all Madeline all the time. In keeping with Sasha’s obsession with objects disappearing in books, her main interest with Madeline is with Madeline’s empty bed. “Where is the other one?” she asks, then answers her own […]

Accidental Podcaster

I’ve been a radio producer for about 13 years now. When podcasting came along I thought it was a cool medium, though I never imagined I’d become a podcaster. But as you know, I did. Because I just sort of felt like I had to. Recently the kind folks at Transom, a showcase and workshop […]

How LST Was Born

We tell a lot of birth stories here at LST. I’ve talked a bit about how I got the idea to produce this podcast but I’ve never written here about how I started it, or how episodes get made. But now you can find out at How Sound. How Sound is a podcast produced by […]

LST on The Story with (Not) Dick Gordon

My friend Sean doesn’t have kids. He recently told me that he got excited when his pals started procreating because he could finally ask people what having children was like and get an honest answer. That conversation prompted him to interview me for his fill-in hosting gig at The Story with Dick Gordon (but temporarily […]