The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #103: Real Teens, REAL Babies

Breaking *robot baby* news! Join us as we try to make sense of a study that sheds some shocking light on our This American Life collab from 2 years ago.

Breaking Robot-Baby News!

Remember our This American Life collab about Paige and Rachel, the polar opposite girls who had polar opposite reactions to the robot babies in sex ed? Well, today there was breaking news about the robot babies. Check out my update on This American Life’s blog!

EPISODE #51: Real Teens, Fake Babies

We conclude our Sex & Parenthood series with the story of two polar opposite teens, two robotic babies, and lots of drama. In collaboration with This American Life!

EPISODE #50: Mom, It’s Time We Had the Talk

A mom has the birds and the bees talk with her 8-year-old son. Or does he have it with her?

Books: For Talking the Birds & the Bees with Your Kid

Dreading “the talk”? Here are some age-appropriate reads for pre-schoolers through high-schoolers. Plus, a few picks for you.

Call for Audio: The Birds & the Bees

How did you used to think babies were made? What about your kid? Call in your family’s biggest misconception about the birds and the bees, and we may use it in our next show! We need your audio by SUNDAY 2/8. Simple instructions in this post.