The Longest Shortest Time

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Some of you have been asking how to pay to hear our show without ads. Now you can!

Record Your Kid’s Voice for the End of Our Show

Hey you! Yes, you! We need your kid to sing the Stitcher logo at the end of our show. (We had a fun one of these when we were on the Earwolf network and now that we’re with Stitcher, we need a new one.) Help us make a new kids’ chorus! Here how: 1. PLAY […]

LST Joins Stitcher

Fridays have become our We Can’t Stop Reading days but there’s not much to report this week. It’s been all Madeline all the time. In keeping with Sasha’s obsession with objects disappearing in books, her main interest with Madeline is with Madeline’s empty bed. “Where is the other one?” she asks, then answers her own […]