10 Movies That Won’t Make You Cry After Having a Baby

10 Movies That Won’t Make You Cry After Having a Baby

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After you have a baby, you need stuff to watch, right? Stuff to entertain you—or just to zone out to—while feeding the baby, or during interminable jiggling sessions. Lots of us binge-watch TV shows. Movies are great, too. But the problem with movies is, so many of them make you cry. And crying is something we’re especially susceptible to, postpartum.

I asked (challenged, really) Kristen Meinzer and Rafer Guzman, hosts of the Movie Date podcast, to come up with 10 movies for new moms that wouldn’t make us cry. Kristen and Rafer each picked 5 movies and answered my question as part of their “Movie Therapy” series, in which they recommend movies to help people with their problems.

You can hear the results here:

Kristen tells me that she and Rafer usually agree on their Movie Therapy picks. But not this time!

Kristen Meinzer

Kristen Meinzer

Kristen went the EMPOWERED WOMAN route:

1. Pitch Perfect (2012)

2. Charlie’s Angels (2000)

3. Nine to Five (1980)

4. Showgirls (1995)

5. Some Like it Hot (1959)

Rafer Guzman

Rafer Guzman

Rafer went the BAD CHILDREN route:

1. The Parent Trap (1998)

2. The Bad Seed (1956)

3. Starstruck (1982)

4. Gloria (1980)

5. Paper Moon (1973)
Who’s right? Or is this a losing battle?
Listen for yourself and let us know! And if you’re in need of your own personal movie therapy, call the Movie Therapy hotline: (571-7MOVIES).

Have YOU found any movies that don’t make you cry after having a baby?
Tell us in the comments.

Photos: Alex Johnson; Movie Date logo: Steven Weinberg

4 thoughts on “10 Movies That Won’t Make You Cry After Having a Baby

  1. I re-watched all five seasons of Six Feet Under in the four months following my son’s birth when I was at home with him (and finding it very challenging). I actually calculated how many episodes I could watch per weekday in order not to run out before I went back to work. It was my afternoon breastfeeding treat. :) Two years later, I am just a few weeks pregnant with a second child — fingers crossed all goes well — and I’m thinking I may do the exact same thing after this one is born.

  2. When my son was sic which was a lot when he was a Baby, he would not let me put him down. I watched episode after episode of Star Trek the next generation with Patrick Stewart . Not sure why but now we are both big sci fi fans

  3. I’m 11 months pregnant and I have a week till I’m having a baby it’s twins both boys I’m having a water birth. I’m so excited for the baby’s

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