Hillary_Frank_thumbnail_1_©richardfrankHillary Frank is host and creator of the Longest Shortest Time. She is the author of the novels Better Than Running at Night, I Can’t Tell You, and The View from the Top. Her radio work has aired on a variety of public radio programs, including This American Life, Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Studio 360, Marketplace, and Weekend America.

Hillary’s daughter Sasha was born in Februrary 2010. Hillary created the Longest Shortest Time as a bedside companion for parents who want to hear in the middle of the night (or day—what’s the difference, really?) that they are not alone. And that as never-ending as any parenting stages seem, they don’t last forever.

Read more about this project here.

Joanna-thumbnailJoanna Solotaroff is the Longest Shortest Time’s associate producer. She joined our staff in May 2014, and has been instrumental in helping to shape the show, as well as events like Speed Dating for Mom Friends. Before joining LST, Joanna worked as a community organizer in low income communities, which included running women’s reproductive health workshops in Ecuador. When she’s not working for the show, Joanna performs improv comedy and is one half of the History Gals team.