The Longest Shortest Time

Speed Dating for Mom Friends FAQ


What is Speed Dating for Mom Friends?
Speed Dating for Mom Friends is just what it sounds like. An event for mamas of all stripes to get matched up with their next new BFF. Leave your judging at home.

Who is the creator of Speed Dating for Mom Friends?
Hillary Frank, host of The Longest Shortest Time, started Speed Dating for Mom Friends because she herself had a tough time finding mom friends she really connected with. Mamas don’t have much time to socialize but they desperately need support, so Hillary wanted to create an event that would eliminate some of the guesswork from friend-making.


What exactly does mom friend dating look like? I want the dirty details!
It looks like that picture above, from our San Francisco event. Here’s another:


And here’s one from Brooklyn:


Check out pictures from our inaugural event (a real TV actor was one of the daters!) and read all about the salacious dating conversations in the New Yorker’s Talk of the Town. Plus, Dame magazine calls Hillary the leader of the non-judgy motherhood movement and says her Speed Dating events may have the power to end the “Mommy Wars.”

How can I attend a Speed Dating for Mom Friends event?
We like how you think. And we’ve got events in the works for you. All over the place. So get yourself on our mailing list below and be among the first to get the scoop when we spread our Speed Dating wings.

I want to work with you to host an event in my city! Can I?
Absolutely! And if we do say so ourselves, we are a pretty fun crew. Sign up to find out more.

Wait, I had a different question and you didn’t answer it!
No problem. Just email us!

Top photo: Natalie Chitwood; middle photos: Jason Henry; bottom photo: Theo Kuslan