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Meet ‘Sex on the Living Room Floor’

A couple months ago, we reported to you that we had a booze emergency. We needed a signature cocktail for our Speed Dating for Mom Friends event at BAM. We called on you to help us design and name the drink. But your suggestions at first, while, uh, creative, were not all that palatable. (The only real possibility was a mug of wine with a toy car garnish.) So in episode 52, we asked The Sporkful’s Dan Pashman for help, and gave you all a second chance.

A contender

A contender

The winner

The winner

After reading your suggestions, we figured out our perfect cocktail: Sex on the Living Room Floor. A vodka-based drink, mixed with grapefruit juice, blood orange juice, and club soda. Topped, of course, with a lemon wedge and a sexy lady swizzle stick. (Thanks, Dan, for that idea!)

People who attended the BAM event each got a complimentary glass of Sex on the Living Room Floor.


I don’t know if it was the booze or what, but the chemistry was running so hot that night that 4-minute dates didn’t seem to be long enough for these mamas! Our speed dating consultants said that in the hundreds of events that they hosted, they’ve never had trouble before getting people to switch partners.

Yes, now we have our very own gong!

Yes, now we have our very own gong!

[Side note: the consultants use a gong to tell the daters when it’s time to switch seats. Turns out they each have their own personal gong, and they DO NOT like using each other’s gongs.]

Well, last month, we took the gongs into our own hands and brought Speed Dating for Mom Friends to San Francisco. We held the event at a super cool antique-store-turned-performance-space/bar called Viracocha.


It was noon, so we served doughnuts. Our drink of choice: mimosas. LST producer Joanna served as our gongstress.


Cherlyn Wagner from episode 8 came to date. And I dated, too.

Me + CherlynHF-dating-in-SF-2-square

Just like in Brooklyn, there was so much energy in the room, you had to lean in close to hear.


There was lots of *this* going on.


We had so much fun at these events, and at the one we did last fall, that we’re working on a plan to bring Speed Dating for Mom Friends to more cities. To request YOUR city, and to receive updates, sign up here.

Me and Roman

Me and Roman Mars at Awaken Café in Oakland

While we were in the Bay Area, I also interviewed 99% Invisible host Roman Mars live on stage. Stay tuned for a broadcast of that interview on tomorrow’s podcast episode. Or if you’d rather hear it tonight, before it gets posted to everyone else, sign up for our newsletter.

BAM photos: Theodora Kuslan; Bay Area photos: Jason Henry

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