The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #52: Booze Emergency!

We bring you this special mini (shortest) episode between regular (longest) episodes because we have some exciting news. And we need your help. With something boozy. More on that in a sec. First, the news.

We’ve got three big events coming up! Save the dates:
Thursday, April 23 I’ll be interviewing 99% Invisible’s fabulous Roman Mars in the Bay Area about being the father of twins.

Saturday, April 25 Remember Speed Dating for Mom Friends? We’re bringing that to the Bay Area, too.

Thursday, May 7 We’ll be doing another round of Speed Dating for Mom Friends as part of RadioLoveFest at BAM.

RadioLoveFest tickets are on sale NOW for WNYC and BAM members, and will be available to the general public on March 16. We’ll be announcing details on the San Francisco events soon. Be sure you get the info by signing up for our newsletter!

But like I said, we need your help
The bartender at BAM is working with us to create a *signature cocktail* for the Speed Dating event. Which, yay! But also feels like a huge responsibility, given that our crowd is a bunch of moms who rarely get a night out to party. We want to make this super special!

Our signature cocktail requirements
We asked you on Facebook to give us some signature cocktail suggestions. And being the awesome, funny people that you are, you sent us some hilarious submissions. Listen to the episode to hear our faves. (HINT: The image above is one of them.) But the thing is, your ideas were either so funny you’d never actually drink them, or so alcoholic you’d make for a sloppy date. So in this episode, we called in our resident eating and drinking expert, Dan Pashman of The Sporkful podcast to help us sort through the hilarity and get serious about our drink. Here are his suggestions:

1. Start with a gin or vodka base—remember, it won’t be winter anymore, so we don’t want anything too heavy.

2. Add a tasty flavor—and probably something fizzy like club soda.

3. Top this baby off with a great garnish—and let’s not make it kiddie food or toys, okay? This is a night to forget you’re a mama!

Invent a drink that’ll make you leave the house but won’t make you fall over
Give us a list of ingredients and a title. Down there in the comments. Go!

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And. If you don’t live in New York or the Bay Area, we’re working on taking Speed Dating for Mom Friends national.
Sign up for info here.