Call for Audio:

What Does Your Pump Say to You?

Call for Audio:

What Does Your Pump Say to You?

Does your pump talk to you? Say the same thing over and over? If so, please do these things by Wednesday 9/24 at noon ET. Your submission could wind up on the Longest Shortest Time and New Tech City.

1. On your phone, record (only) the sound of your pump running for 20 seconds. [OPTIONAL: If you are no longer pumping, move on to step 2.]

2. Turn off your pump and record yourself saying the thing that it tells you 5 times.

3. Email the audio clips to hello [at] longestshortesttime [dot] com with the subject PUMP TALK.

Illustration: Hillary Frank

5 thoughts on “Call for Audio: What Does Your Pump Say to You?

  1. I’m so bummed I missed this deadline. I hear mine saying, WHATAbrat, WHATAbrat, WHATAbrat…
    This was very disturbing to me at first because I would think to myself “Do I subconsciously think my precious newborn is a brat?” I don’t!

  2. I also am bummed I missed the deadline. My pump says different things to me every day. Usually it is “And I pump, And I pump, And I pump.” One day, when my one month old baby girl seemed especially irritated with me watching Netflix on my phone while I fed her, then pumped, the pump said “Put it down, Put it down, Put it down.” Now I try to focus on her when she is nursing, rather than watching Orange is the New Black. #andipumpandipumpandipump

  3. I’m so totally relieved to know that this is an actual thing!! I thought I was crazy that I was hearing words in the pump, and I hear different things every day. I didn’t know how to explain it to anyone without getting some odd looks.

  4. I’m done pumping after a full year of grueling breastfeeding– Hooray! But my breast pump has always (rather un-creatively) said ‘BREASTpump- BREASTpump-BREASTpump’. Clear as day. Everyone who’s heard it has independently came to the same conclusion!

  5. I hear different things depending on my mood or the day’s events. I think my favorite was Divert, Divert, Divert.

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