Is 100 That Exciting?


Is 100 That Exciting?

Yay, we’re 100! Well, not really. But we have put out 100 episodes. To celebrate, producer Abigail Keel sought out some 100-year-olds to give us advice on longevity.

Here’s Abigail with her grandma, aka Oma. Oma is 94—not quite 100—but she has some thoughts about living for a long time that don’t bode well for me, including making sure you eat breakfast every day.


Sylvia Weiss is 104! She recommends doing everything in moderation.


The guy in the middle there is Ellis Hart. Here he is at his 100th birthday party. Ellis’s advice, in two simple words: Don’t die.


And then there’s Rosalie Williams. Here’s Rosalie at ages 35 and 99. Now she’s 100. And she wants to know, What’s so exciting about being 100?



Abigail found out from talking to these folks that advice is actually the least interesting thing you can hear from someone who’s lived for a century. Tune in to hear her her in-depth conversations with Rosalie and another 100-year-old named Rose (left, with 4 generations of family!) about growing up, giving birth, and raising kids over the last ten decades.

Thanks to all of our listeners who connected us with centenarians!

Tell us about the aging people in YOUR life!
Or are you absolutely terrified of getting old, like me? Spill.

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21 thoughts on “EPISODE #100: Is 100 That Exciting?

  1. Beautiful episode! And yes, the end of life is also the longest shortest time! I am a music therapist working in hospice and a mother of an 18 yr old. I actually wrote an article sharing my experience of new motherhood and the parallels of caring for my newborn at the beginning of life and caring for those at the end of life. I would love to hear a future episode that could delve deeper into these parallels.

  2. I had to listen to this one to get an idea of what’s not too far ahead for me, perhaps. I’m 79 now. I liked it a lot! Now I know that centenarians are as distinctive as 79-year-olds. There is no one size fits all. These folk also convinced me of something I’d already suspected, getting old is not for sissies!

  3. Thanks very much for Episode 100 (Is 100 That Exciting. I like Hillary, am very terrified of getting old. Prior to three years ago, this fear was mostly conceptual. In February of 2013, my father died of pancreatic cancer, having been diagnosed a mere two months before. Prior to his diagnosis, he was the healthiest 75 year old man that you can imagine. The loss of my father left a huge hole in my heart and an equally huge hole in all the hearts of my extended family. It saddens me greatly to say that my father’s untimely death was somewhat overshadowed by the fact that he had been the caretaker for my mother for over twenty years. My family and I were thrown into really scary waters and have been treading water ever since, dealing with assisted living facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, in-home caregiving agencies, elder care lawyers and social service agencies. Aging in America is one of the biggest issues facing us today, and I don’t feel as if it’s talked about nearly enough. There are huge issues around compassionate elder care, who will provide this care and how it gets paid for. I hope that you continue to delve into the issues and repercussions of Aging in America in the same focused and detailed way you have been covering the issues of motherhood and family life.

  4. I am late to the party on leaving a reply to this podcast. I absolutely loved this one. I am a coordinator for a care giving agency and the final moments of life do really feel like the longest shortest time. Being in this field has really made me appreciate family and be more understanding. I do indeed fear aging because of the situations I have seen but at the same time I am taking initiative to get things straightened out to prevent that… but that is a different issue. Thank you so much for your podcast! As a husband, listening to these different topic is a huge help understanding certain things with my wife experiencing PPD (going on two years now. Slowly but surly the progress is there).

    -Alex Z.
    San Jose, CA

  5. This episode reminded me of the time I interviewed my grandmother for a school project in 8th grade. I remember one story she told me about her pet pet chicken that would ride on the handle bars of her bike. She has since past and I wish I would have gotten more stories like that from her. So important to talk to and document the lives of the older generation. Loved the episode :)

  6. Where can I find a copy of Rosalie’s rendition of “Sunrise, Sunset”? I’ve been looking all over for a recording but can’t find anything. I thought it was so beautiful! Thank you!

    1. Hi Connie. The recording we used in this episode was a recording the family made. It’s not publicly available. But I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it! – Abigail, LST producer

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