The New You ... It'll Do (UPDATE)


The New You ... It'll Do (UPDATE)

This is an updated episode, with new content at the end. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see what’s in the update.

Erin Breen loves singing karaoke. It’s her *thing*. Here she is, singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” at her wedding.


But then, Erin had a baby and something completely unexpected happened: her voice changed. And she lost her ability to sing.

Listen to this episode to find out what this identity change means to Erin. Plus, Jane Marie returns to talk about postpartum body changes, and how you’re supposed to feel like YOU when those changes don’t change back.

As a beauty blogger, Jane is on a mission to make all women feel good in their bodies. For her, after becoming a mom, that meant figuring out what clothes made her feel good … or good enough.

Old Jane wore tight, waist-cinching stuff

Old Jane wore tight, waist-cinching stuff

New Jane dresses like a hippie

New Jane dresses like a hippie

To make herself feel more like herself in labor, Jane got a French manicure and eyelash extensions.


But that’s Jane. We’ve all got different ways of feeling like ourselves. And different ways we’ve changed.

UPDATE: Erin, in fact, has changed once more, thanks to you guys! The first time we aired Erin’s story, Erin got a lot of love in the comments. The support poured in, with other moms telling Erin they’d had something similar happen. Several people said, Hey, Erin, you’ve gotta go see a doctor. One person in particular worked at the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center—which is right where Erin lives. She encouraged Erin to come in and get checked out. Which she did.


Thanks to UPMC, Erin’s gotten more comfortable with her voice. So comfortable that she’s got a surprise for you in this episode!

How did YOU change after becoming a parent?
And I don’t just mean physically. And I don’t just mean moms. Or people who have given birth. Tell us what hasn’t gone back. And what you’ve done about it.

Photo of Erin: Devon John; photo of Jane with beer: Michael Cohen

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3 thoughts on “EPISODE #107: The New You … It’ll Do (UPDATE)

  1. Erin should not give up on those high notes! First, even voice experts are often not voice experts in singing. I had problems caused by a polyp on my vocal cord that I had trouble healing because my kids kept getting me sick. Every time I got sick, I lost my voice and, in trying to speak, strained it further and made the polyp worse. The folks at the OSU Voice clinic work with singers a lot and gave me exercises like singing on a “z” or “v” or singing while blowing bubbles with a straw. They took my problem seriously even though I was not a professional singer. Second, take a voice lesson. It is so much fun and can open up so much power in your singing. My guess from listening to Erin is she just needs to develop her head voice and she’ll be popping out all kinds a high notes. And she will have so much fun doing it. Don’t give up, Erin! Indulge yourself. There is more fun to be had.

  2. Hillary – I appreciated the honesty of how our bodies change once having a baby. I loved what your friend said about how you can’t produce/create a human being without our bodies changing! I just saw this documentary and it is life changing about how we as women look at ourselves, especially after having kiddos and the pressure from media/society/etc., to look a certain way. Please check this out. It’s worth it :) Happy New Year! https://bodyimagemovement.com/embrace-the-documentary/

  3. After my second baby my vision went blurry! Now I wear (pretty cool) glasses all the time. It’s like in my face I wear a visual representation of how I am still me, and yet I am markedly different.

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