The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #56: The New You … It’ll Do

Erin Breen loves singing karaoke. It’s her *thing*. Here she is, singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” at her wedding.


Two years ago, Erin gave birth and something completely unexpected happened: her voice changed. And she lost her ability to sing. (Is this a thing? Do you have suggestions for Erin? Leave them in the comments below.)

Listen to this episode to find out what this identity change means to Erin. Plus, Jane Marie returns to talk about postpartum body changes, and how you’re supposed to feel like YOU when those changes don’t change back.

In her job as beauty editor at Millihelen, Jane is on a mission to make all women feel good in their bodies. For her, after becoming a mom, that meant figuring out what clothes made her feel good … or good enough.

Old Jane wore tight, waist-cinching stuff

Old Jane wore tight, waist-cinching stuff

New Jane dresses like a hippie

New Jane dresses like a hippie

To make herself feel more like herself in labor, Jane got a French manicure and eyelash extensions.


But that’s Jane. We’ve all got different ways of feeling like ourselves. And different ways we’ve changed.

How did YOU change after becoming a parent?
And I don’t just mean physically. And I don’t just mean moms. Or people who have given birth. Tell us what hasn’t gone back. And what you’ve done about it.

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