LST Presents Father Time


LST Presents Father Time

Oh, man. When I was in middle school, Richard Marx was there for me. I’d pop my Repeat Offender cassette into my walkman and … ahh, prepubescent angst gone. At least temporarily.

In honor of my middle school rockstar crush, we bring you a special episode of the Howl series Father Time with Jamie Kaler, featuring Jamie’s interview with Richard Marx and his 23-year-old son Luke. That’s them below.


Jamie Kaler is an actor and stand up comedian—you might remember him from My Boys,  Friends and How I Met Your Mother. Up till recently, Jamie was living a bachelor lifestyle. Then he turned 50 and found himself with two children under the age of two. So he wanted to talk to other dads about being a dad. And that’s what he does on Father Time.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Father Time. And we’ll return with new episodes next week, starting with my conversation with new mom Anna Sale from Death, Sex & Money.

To listen to more Father Time (and all the other amazing shows on Howl) go to howl.fm/father and use the code FATHER at checkout for a full month of FREE listening.

Who was YOUR middle school rockstar crush?
And would they have been as good of a son as Richard Marx? Tell all!

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12 thoughts on “EPISODE #92: LST Presents Father Time

  1. I have to say, I really wasn’t a fan of Jamie Kaler’s “interviewing” style. His subjects for this story were great and have a really interesting story, but half the time Kaler was so busy trying to get his own “jokes” in that he talked right over them, and he came across as show-off-y and condescending, particularly when talking at Lucas. Had to turn it off, and will definitely not be tuning into his podcast.

    1. I totally agree. This was painful to listen to. I had to turn it off half way through, right about when he used the F-word three times in a few seconds at Lucas. Obnoxious. There is no reason to yell “F-you!” at your guest, even if you are being “funny”. It reminded me of a local radio station host or shock-jock. The loud cackling laugh right into the mic is also extremely irritating. The cursing was really unnecessary. If the guest wants to curse in the course of the interview that seems fine to me, but it sounds awful and disrespectful when the host does it. It really seems like he is trying way to hard to be cool and casual, but it was awkward at best. At times he was actually kind of insulting to the guests (“you don’t seem that athletic to me”, Marx seemed offended for a second, super awkward). Please stick to your own shows on LST. They are so much better.

  2. As a stay at home mom, as I’m sure many other listeners are, I stopped listening at the 13:00 minute mark when Kaler asked, “so was your mother *just* a stay at home mom?”

    1. Hillary, I hope you let Kaler know that he turned off some of your listeners with the SAHM comment and his unnecessarily crude language. I’m a SAHM who has also been a loyal fan of Marc Maron’s going way, way back. As a comedian, Kaler may unconsciously be being influenced by Maron’s style, since the WTF podcast is so successful. I also found Kaler’s crudeness a little clumsy and that his desire to be funny sometimes got in the way , but he is new to this. Maron learned a lot from listeners about what words to avoid if he doesn’t want to offend people. He has grown more sensitive. Kaler’s program needs to appeal to mothers as well as fathers, if he hopes to have any success. Give him some constructive feedback. I bet he can rein himself in a bit, be a littler gentler and more PC.

  3. I’ve always been a fan of Richard Marx so I’ll put up with any forum that gives him the stage. Setting aside Jamie Kaler as a whole, I really enjoyed hearing about Richard’s upbringing and how that has translated into his approach to parenting. Apparently, one can be both hands on and hands off at the same time.

    Hillary, if there is a way to get him and Lucas on LST, that would be amazing. You have a great way of getting deep into the details of each of your guests and I feel like Jamie’s interview only scratched the surface of the really interesting stuff.

  4. In response to Abigail’s requests in the email digests for our rock start crush, let me just say ‘Davey Jones’. For real, I’m only 36, but I loved him so hard. Like wanted to marry him style.

    Love all of the above comments. I was very “aware” of the hit on Stay At Home Mothers. But I did enjoy hearing how seemingly ‘unintimidated’ he was with Richard Marx. Maybe you could call it over confident, but he didn’t piss me off. And what really stuck with me was RM’s comment about his girlfriend (now wife) reminding him to really celebrating when achieving a dream. It hit me good and I used that tip already today after listening to the podcast (all the way through!) over breakfast!

    I have to say I am amazed to see how intimate these boards are, as in my head every cool parent listens to LST so I figured there’d by millions of comments by now!
    So hooked on the show. Keep rockin’ it, Hillary. And thank you.

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